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If you are in involved in a dispute over a breach of contract, Denver Business Lawyers can help. Our Denver breach of contract lawyer has over 21 years of experience helping clients file claims against parties in violation or defend against false accusations.

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The Elements of a Contract in Denver

A contract is an agreement between two persons or entities. This agreement can either be oral or written.

All contracts have three components, including:

  • Offer: one party makes a promise to do or refrain from doing a specified action
  • Consideration: something of value is promised in exchange for the specific action or non-action
  • Acceptance: the offer is accepted unambiguously through words, deeds, or performance of contract terms

If any of these elements is missing, there is no contract. When all three components are present, the contract is binding. If one party violates the contract, the other party may file a breach of contract claim. Possible outcomes of breach of contract case could include court-ordered compliance, court-ordered cancellation, or temporary or permanent injunctions.

Proving a Breach of Contract

When terms of a business deal are not met, a contract is considered breached. In some situations a contract breach is obvious. In more complex situations, identifying a breach can be more challenging.

If you believe that the person or entity you entered into a contract with has failed to uphold their end of the agreement, you have the right to file a lawsuit against them. However, to do so, you must have a sufficient cause of action.

To file a breach of contract claim, you must be able to prove:

  • The existence of an enforceable contract
  • That you performed your contractual duties
  • The other party violated the contract
  • The damages that the contract violation has caused you

Our skilled business lawyer can work with you to determine if your contract has been breached. Once this has been established, we can gather the required evidence, file a claim, and aggressively advocate on your behalf to recover the damages you are owed.

Defending Against a Breach of Contract Claim

If you are being sued for a breach of contract, you have the right to defend yourself. Our Denver breach of contract attorney can help you build a strong defense strategy. This may involve arguing that you did not breach the contract. Alternatively, you could agree that you violated the contract, but that it resulted in zero or minimal damages.

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